Techy Thursdays - Loon Floatants

It's getting to that time of that of the year again (although you should always be open to floating a dry year round) and we figure you'll all be rummaging through your gear in the next couple of weeks checking your stocks of bits and pieces, like floatants.

Loon Outdoors gel floatants are the best in the industry. Loon offers three gel floatants: Aquel, Royal Gel, and Lochsa. Aquel is the world's best-selling floatant and an excellent choice for an everyday, all around floatant. It is the official floatant of Fly Fishing Team USA.
Royal Gel is slightly more viscous than Aquel, and has an added iridescence. Lochsa is the latest addition to Loon's line of floatants. It is specially formulated to work with ALL flies, including CDC. It won't mat down hair or hackle, and will keep every fly in a box floating high and dry.