Friday Fly Day - The Loon Hot Box

For someone that works in the tackle industry I'm probably the opposite of what you'd expect when it comes to gadgets and gear, less is more and I'm always in the pursuit of the functional minimilist dream of tackle organisation. I only really need a tight selection of flies, some indicator material, tippet, nippers and floatant close on-hand, the rest goes in the pack. Until now the issue has always been the fly box, nothing has ever really been small enough to really work properly...enter The Loon Hot Box.

Easy to stock with a reasonable variation of flies for the day the Hot Box fits perfectly (with a little room to spare) in my packs hip belt pocket, will float if I drop it and keeps decision making nice and easy when it comes to picking a fly for the situation. Not for everybody but definitely for me.


Six adjustable compartments keep the day's "hot flies" close at hand. Attachment chain included.


  • Six adjustable compartments
  • Small and lightweight
  • Ball chain attachment

Directions for use

Attach to vest, pack, etc. Fill box with flies. Remove dividers for bigger storage compartments.