Techy Thursdays - Early season tips from Chris Dore

You can bet your ass that Chris Dore has already been fishing more days than you this season, in fact I'd say he fishes far more than most fanatical fly fisherman in NZ. So it's no surprise that he's got the early season dialed no matter what spring throws at him. This info is a little over a week old but it's timeless stuff that has seen Chris keeps his clients happy and catching fish year in, year out.

Listen up because it's still a while before things settle down weather wise.

So its getting close and who knows what October 1st will bring? At the time of writing we are being lashed by a wicked storm with the Mataura rising to 200 cumecs overnight... We may need a bigger fly!

Following are some thoughts on how better to tackle whatever opening day throws at you:

· Dress appropriatly and wear a good clothing system. Considered layering and a good quality, breathable rain shell will make inclement weather that much more bearable.

· Consider your options: that stunning backcountry river may have fished great in mid summer, but water temperatures are considerably lower right now, and mayflies will be the main food source for many waters early season. Not many cicada about in Spring...

· Smaller, rain fed streams will hit optimum feeding temperatures a lot quicker, and earlier in the season than larger river catchments.

· Rivers issuing from the mountains are likley to come up with snow melt in the afternoons as temperatures rise. Often fast... Plan for this and dont get stranded on the wrong bank.

· Rivers issuing from swamplands will absorb / hold back runoff to a degree, however once in flood, may take longer to drop.

· Rivers issuing from a bush catchment often rise quicker, however drop quicker than others.

· Our Southern lakes are very underrated fisheries and guess what... they dont colour up!

· Got wind? Increase your line speed. Learning the double haul is a must!

· Still cant handle the wind? Look at your map: which way is the wind blowing and which squiggly blue lines lie at a more favourable angle to the wind?

· Someones at your spot? Drop down to the coast: October provides some of the best Sea Run trout fishing in New Zealand, right here in the deep south!

Get amongst it and fish safe.

Chris Dore.