Chris Dore On The Airflo SuperFlo Universal Fly Line

The Christmas holidays have been and gone and chances are your fly line that was “ok” in October may now need another looking at. With rivers finally low and clear for summer the fish are on guard and good presentation becomes a must with longer, lighter leaders delivered with precision.

SuperFlo Universal fly line by Airflo

The Airflo Superflo Universal line is my go to, all round general purpose trout taper which serves myself, and my clients well for dry fly and nymphing demands. The 7.5’ front taper delivers ample turnover while dissipating energy perfectly for that stealthy delivery.

Here's my five reasons to go for the Airflo Superflo Universal fly line:

  1. Thinner diameter running line means lest contact with the guides for an uninhibited shoot, yet remains easy to handle even with cold fingers.
  2. The new Superflo technology repels water for a clean removal from the surface on the pickup, when mending, and setting that hook.
  3. Being non plastic means your line wont dry out and crack mid-season when you most need performance.
  4. With Superflo floatation properties built into the line rather than impregnated later on, the line you unbox is the same slick shooting, high floating line you’ll be fishing all year.
  5. Airflo lines are made from polyurethane which are not affected by UV, insect repellents and are generally tougher than PVC. You’ll simply enjoy your favourite line for longer.