Friday Fly Day - Gary Lyttle's Top Summer Picks

Summer has been a mixed bag around the country so far, so we have asked a few of our buddies over the next few weeks to chime in with what they have been using to get things done.

To kick things off we have the legend himself, Gary Lyttle of Fly & Gun Hunting and Fishing Taupo to drop his thoughts on what you need there right now.

Both local and back country rivers around the Taupo region are finally firing after the high levels over the Christmas period, the lakes especially with damsels now hatching in big numbers. My top river flies for the Taupo are, given the cicadas are not quite here yet, would be:

Indi Klink

Backcountry Wulff

Black Swishers PMX

Death Metal Hares

Death Metal Pheasant Tail

BTB Quill

My top Stillwater picks are:

Ritts Slimfast Damsel

Swimming Damsel

Jakes Double Bead Rib Worm

Worked blind or presented to sighted fish you can guarantee Gary’s picks will always serve you well.