Techy Thursday - The Loon Hook Hone

Loon Hook hone

It’s the small things that make all the difference and covering all those bases are what keep the top anglers in fish.

While we are all looking forward to the upcoming winter ‘swing season’ and sorting through our streamer boxes, how many are ensuring their hook points are, er, well, on point? There’s a decent chunk of steel in many of those long flies and unlike a small nymph or dry that’s done its job, we are less likely to bin a labour intensive bugger or a sex dungeon that loses its point.

Loon Hook Hone

The new Loon Hook Hone is designed just for you. Lightweight, small and easily attached to a zinger via a steel hoop, there’s no reason not to keep one close at hand. Featuring two different grits and a soft, comfy grip, the simple, slotted surfaces make sharpening and shaping finer hook points quick and easy.

Dull hooks miss fish, so up your game and remove this variable immediately with the new Loon Hook Hone.