Techy Thursday - Stripping 101

Yo! Let’s chat about a rather important aspect of swinging that most two hand tyros neglect...

Undoubtedly the sexiest part of your routine with compact head systems is seeing a tight, straight D or V loop being transitioned smoothly forward and sent off into the distance. Then comes the swing, slow and controlled working through some Gucci water. No fish, now strip, strip, strip that head back, anxious to do it all again.

However there are four key elements to the above cycle: The cast, the mend, the swing AND the retrieve... most anglers neglect the latter, (and the mend to a large degree, but that's another blog), and this costs them fish by retrieving line haphazardly without thought.

The way we conventionally fish streamers is to cast them out, and employ a variety of methods as we enticingly strip them back in right? So why aren’t we doing this here, as we strip back our running line? I mean, we are often pulling our lure back upstream through some pretty good looking pockets, seams, drop offs and most often, along those uber-fishy banks. Makes sense to me to fish them.

In our clear waters here in NZ fish will see your fly from quite some distance, and move on them accordingly. The next time you retrieve your running line in prep of your next cast, keep your rod low, line tight, and dance the rod tip, vary your retrieve, fast / slow / stop, manipulate your fly back upstream through the choicest of water and be prepared for the eat... you WILL catch more fish.