Friday Fly Day - Night Rider

Night Rider fly

There are three things I consider when choosing a fly at night: Movement, luminosity or silhouette. I alternate these attributes as needed, and according to conditions until I crack it, personally employing lumo flies as a last resort.

Marabous provide pure movement. Their long, soft plume pulsing with every twitch of the line, or wriggle invitingly on a dead sink.

Pukeko, mallard and other such feathers provide silhouette and subtle movement, and fish well slow due to their profile. Trout feed heavily on Koura after dark and Pukeko is a great representation of these, the blue hue a very natural accent of the Koura.

Trout have far better senses than us via vibration indicating lateral lines and much better vision. Whatever you fish, they will see it.

We can make detection easier and more visible from afar however, and flies more appealing, and as anglers we always look to tip the scales our way.

So let me introduce, the Night Rider.

Exclusive to the Manic Fly Collection we have paired up movement from the Marabou with the super fishy profile and appeal of Pukeko.

Fished on a slow sink line at river mouths or across drop offs and flats it’s a night time pattern you shouldn't be without.