Techy Thursday - Southern Stillwaters with Ronan Creane

Now’s the time to hit our Southern still waters. As temperatures heat up so does the fishing. Here are our mate, Ronan Creane’s top three tips for smashing the still water scene this spring...

1. Buggers and streamers are super in spring! Especially in the early part while fish are hungrily regaining condition after spawning.

2. With the sun getting higher and higher in the sky, sight fishing for cruisers is getting easier. A wee lightly weighted spider is my go-to pattern for these cruisers. Under a dry or fished singly.

3. Fish the midge!! Buzzer fishing the lakes in spring can be very productive. Teams of 3 or 4 epoxy buzzers can be used to fish deeper water or light (no epoxy) buzzers can be fished singly under a dry.

Over the course of one day on a lake I’d often utilise all methods mentioned. Don’t hesitate to adapt!

Tight Lines!