Friday Fly Day - 'bait

When people ask me what fly to use I often advise them to look into the water and see what food items are present, and if you are playing around our estuaries at the moment you will notice whitebait are on the menu.

It’s important to look at the movement the materials of your fly can offer and add to that via the rod tip, and your retrieve. I carry a range of matuka style patterns along with plenty of slim, rabbit style flies and mix and match them in teams as needed. The following are hot in my fly patch right now

Slick Ghost #8

Mega Ghost #2 & #6

Classic Grey Ghost #2 & #6

Cut Cat Silver Ghost

Dore’s Mr Glister

I mix and match these in teams of two depending on the tides, water clarity and currents and use the Mr Glister as a general searcher, or on point to turn the rig over on windier days.

So get out there and sling some lines.