The Loon Amadou Patch Review By Chris Dore

While many rely on just one item to float their flies, those who target more quality drift time and less messing about regard their dry fly care as a system of complimentary products, designed to keep their flies floating longer, how they want them in, or on the surface for the best results. Personally, I carry a combo of Aquel, Top Ride, Fly Dip and the new Loon Amadou patch and use them in different combinations according to both the flies I’m fishing, how I want them to fish and the conditions on the day.

Loon Amadou Patch

A recent addition to the Loon fly care range is the Amadou patch. I have been an Amadou convert since early in my fly fishing addiction having cut my teeth on the lower Mataura and technical South Otago streams where CDC and other low riding film flies reign supreme. Amadou is a fungi which excels at drawing out moisture from your flies, indicators and even those pesky rainspots on your polaroid lenses.

From a fishing viewpoint, simply squeeze your soaked, waterlogged fly or indicator between two Amadou pads to dry them out and bring them back to life, ready to fish, or for the addition of your floatant of choice. Attached to a sturdy loop, your Loon Amadou patch can be simply stashed away in your pocket, attacked to your zinger, lanyard or packstrap where its ready for immediate use.

Just one of a number of new Loon products, attach an Amadou patch to your kit to fish smarter.