Friday Fly Day - The Green Beetle

While I felt I missed the brown beetle fall due to inclement weather this spring, fish were more than happy to pop to an imitation on the calmer, warmer days in the South. About home however the green beetle are showing in numbers right now and today on the river a sparse size 16 certainly accounted for its share of fish. The key to a good beetle pattern in my opinion is to sit flush in the film. Rubber legs, hackle add to the vibe suggesting life and keying those fish right in.

Foam Manuka Beetle

True Manuka Beetle

Humpy Green Bottle

Para Improved Humpy Green

Great Lake Gum Beetle

Coch Y Bonddu

Presented to sighted fish, plopped into the foam or dropped along those grassy banks, a green beetle should be your best friend this January.