Techy Thursday - Locating Fishable Water

Well the season opened to high water and muddy flows throughout the South and while some made the most of the hand they were dealt, many struggled to find clean water. There were still fish to be caught however so heres a few tips to get you amongst them if the weather bombs again this weekend.

1 - Look for tailwaters. Rivers issuing from lakes, ponds and swamps will often remain fishable in all but the heaviest of storms.

2 - Remember those backwaters and old river channels. Chances are while they were low, dry and weedy on your last visit, they may hold sufficient water now, and just maybe a few fish.

3 - We have some of the most productive lakes in the world, so why not explore them. These are likely to remain clear throughout, and the sight fishing they provide is often second to none.

4 - Fish the edges, inside bends and other softer water areas. This is where the fish will be found, and are accessible in high, dirty flows.

5 - Move your fly. It’s perfectly possible to catch fish in water that many deem unfishable. You just have to fish flies that the fish can locate in a way that enables them to locate them. Pulling large, rubberlegged nymphs, hot head patterns or streamers can turn a potential shocker into a decent day out.

And finally fish safe. Don’t try and cross a flooded stream, watch out for unstable banks, let someone know where you’re going and when you’ll be back, and wear good gear. Never underestimate a river at full flow and always have an exit strategy. Have fun this weekend.