Friday Fly Day - Opening Weekend(s)

The seasons but a few days old and chances are, this weekend will be your first shot for the season, and if like me, you’re doing a last minute look over of the boxes here are a few must-have patterns for October, anywhere...

Simons Iron Maiden Copper

With two flow busting tungsten beads, wired abdomen and just the right amount of flash, this will be a staple on your early season rig to make sure you’re getting down to where the fish are.

Killer Caddis Green

Covers a predominate food source of early season trout. An oversized bead gets you deep, and when fish are chewing caddis washing down from the riffles, this fly is a favourite. My first up change from a small, dark mayfly.

Silly Stone Green

This is just a funky, rubber legged version of a larger morsal that fish anywhere, just love to eat.

Kyles Deleatidium

Is your quintessential small, dark mayfly nymph with attraction. Slim, realistic and rubber legs to get the fish going, these are often considered as the best little mayfly nymphs on the market.

Dores Mr Glister Streamer

This is a must have year round, imitating the common brown bully, a sought after food source for large, aggressive browns.

Strip one past deep cover, or infront of deep lying, hard to reach fish, or just work the banks when the river just isnt firing.

Fish safe, fish hard and fish well.