Techy Thursday - Late Summer Tips with Lucas O'Sullivan

Late summer can be a tough time to fish but if you apply these 3 tips it will make your life a whole lot easier, and most importantly you’ll catch more fish!

1. Stay low and seek slow. The sun is very bright this time of the year and that results in you casting a shadow. So be aware of where you're casting that shadow. It's a good idea to stalk the banks slowly too and spend more tine stationary, just watching. Trout may be easy to spot but remember, if you can see them they can see you. So by waking slow you eliminate sudden movements and regain that upper hand.

2. Select the apropriate leaders. Very few situations require a short leader so 12ft + leaders will become the norm. fluorocarbon tippet for nymphing as it refracts light so its virtually invisible to the fish but don’t bother fishing fluorocarbon when dry fly fishing as it sinks, drowning your stealthy film flies, so I go nylon tippet for dry flies.

3. Fish terrestrials because in summer there are plenty! The cicadas have been a bit slow this season but they are certainly picking up along with grass hoppers and crickets. Fish are still eating beetles, ants and willow grubs too so don’t discard them, especially following our big flood events when nymph life is sparse.