Friday Fly Day - King (cicada) of the Iron Throne

Manic King Cicada Friday Fly Day

By all accounts it's turning into a pretty reasonable cicada season with reports of heavy top water sessions from around the country trickling in. Perhaps that's at least one upside of all this rain some regions have been receiving but either way people are happy and cicada flies are the order of the day.

This year we introduced a new pattern call the "King Cicada" into the Manic Fly Collection using the mantra, "Big Is Good" and basically built something that no trout could miss. Mass, legs, hi-vis post, floatability and generally in your face, the new King Cicada is a size 6, rubber legged beast that will get the attention of any trout on the hunt for a large, high protein meal.

Slap it down on the water and hang on...

Manic King Cicada