Techy Thursday - I Have Airflo Miracle Braid, Now What?

I have been asked a lot recently about which running lines I favour for winter swinging and in most instances my response is unequivocally Airflo Miracle Braid. It’s easy to handle, shoots like a Monkey Feather, and takes a lot to tangle. More often than not however comes a follow up question a few days later asking how to put it all together. Forget bulky nail knots. For a strong, reliable and smooth loop, check this out...

I’m a big fan of loop to loop connections for my spey rigs allowing quick and easy switch outs when needed. Here’s a tip: ensure your loops are large enough to slip over your reel for quickly switching out heads. My loop has held faithfully for three years now with no issues, however if you’re the cautious type, then it only takes a minute of two, with little material lost to retie each season.

An apology, when penning this my intention to shoot a quick how to video but life got in the way and that never really happened. However, a quick google search found this exceptional, detailed how to from Deneki Outdoors showing a quick, easy method of creating strong, failsafe loops in your braided running line. Check it out.