Friday Fly Day - The Bitchin' Coho for coloured up flows

So we arrived at the river following a night of rain and snowfall way back in the catchment, and needless to say the river was sporting colour. With dull skies and fish of recent in a rather sullen mood, we decided to go flashy, and as mum always said if you’re going to go do something, don’t be shy.

The Bitchin' Coho fly was originally an Alaskan salmon fly designed to be fished in glacial water. Worked through the runs on a floating, or sink tip line, this simple limp streamer comes to life and really gets noticed on an erratic swing. As much as Alaskan Salmon like it, our Kiwi trout do too and so it’s always a winner when your dark silhouette pattern just isn’t producing the goods as the river rises.

Bitchin' Coho

This is another new addition to the Manic Fly Collection to complement your Berry’s Fish Movers and Prom Dresses when you simply need to piss those fish off.