Techy Thursday - Dealing With Cloud Cover

We seem to be having a number of cloudy days in the South of recent, and for those with pre-determined ‘wish list’ river options this can prove troublesome.

In wide open valleys and riverbeds, as found on many South Island headwaters where spotting fish is often essential for success, glare will become an issue, and if you haven’t put a lot of thought into your day, then you could be in for a disappointing one.

Here are a few tips to beat today’s cloud...

1. Look for backdrops

Target sections of river pushing close to a hillside or higher banks. A dark, bushy hillside or beech lined river will provide the best viz.

2. Head for the willows

Our willow lined, front country rivers will provide great visibility on cloudy days, with the added bonus of the cooler, overcast conditions often providing decent hatches. These rivers generally have superior populations of fish too, so your chances are higher than if you were to flounder around the backcountry with little viz.

3. Go slow

It’s amazing how many fish will show themselves to you if you just stop and watch a while

4. Prospect

There’s no shame in blind fishing. If the river has a decent population, and it looks like there should be a fish there, then there probably is... chances are you just can’t see ‘em, fire a few considered presentations into the best of the water and see what comes. In overcast conditions many of the better fish will be found in the open.

5. Just do it

Because you’re not going to catch many fish at home...