Salty Saturday - Airflo Coastal Fly Rod Review

We handed Australian Flyfishing Outfitters newest guide Amos Mapleston aka Famos the Airflo Coastal 8wt and after some solid use here’s what he had to say:

"I’ve fished the Airflo Coastal 8wt fly rod for the past 12 months. The Airflo Coastal series is a more affordable saltwater fly rod series with rods from 8wt to 10wt. The rod arrived in a cordura tube with a spare tip. After removing the rod from the tube and casting it on the water it has not returned to the tube finding its way into the regular rod rotation in my skiff, most often setup with an intermediate line to cast small 1/0 clousers.

Airflo Coastal Saltwater Fly Rod

The 8wt fits nicely as a light saltwater rod to fish lighter weighted flies with either a floating line or intermediate line. It gets a run on my boat fishing shallow waters in the estuaries casting lightly dressed flies for barramundi and tarpon or on the flats on calmer days targeting queenfish, blue salmon and smaller giant trevally. The rod is easy to load making it easier to pick up and cast providing good feel to make adjustments to your casting stroke when switching between rods. The rod loads well with a short line but holds enough line in the air to make casts to 50 to 60 feet where most of the action happens."