Airflo Scout Head Review By Kyle Adams

Back to work and domestic chores on my days off now but somehow I managed a leave card and was out last week for my final session for the lake run fish on the Tongariro river using the Single Hand Spey technique.

This time I had with me the new Airflo single hand spey head called the Scout. I fished my Scott Radian 9'6" #6 with the Airflo Scout 240grain head, Airflo Impact running line and the choice of sink tip was an Airflo Flo Tip T14 which runs as 10ft and 8 inches per sec sink rate. The fly I chose for the job was Belinda's hot orange bead Bitchslap, sweet fly that!

Being a big user of the Tongariro Roll Cast I found the ingredients to make this head work for me with the main focus of creating the required D-loop! Also after the swing making the line available for your next cast whilst standing in waist deep water. I got into all the water that the two hand switch/spey guys frequent which are great fish lies that suit swinging/wetlining and have very limited, to no back cast!.

And I had a lot of fun and for someone that usually fishes a single hand rod on the Tongariro this has opened up new water that was previously hard work or not possible to swing flies and wetline efficiently.