Team Tuesday - Manic's newest member, Cam Forsman

Congratulations, it's a boy! Please welcome the newest member of the Manic team, Cameron Forsman. Cam was previously looking after the fly fishing department down at Fish City Hamilton while he was studying law and the first thing he does after graduating is join the fly fishing industry. Well played sir! Cam joins us as an account manager which is business card terminology for awesome sales guy as well as hopefully being the guy that's out there fishing way more than the rest of us.

Freshwater or salt, Cam is a full blown fly fishing frother and, along with his good mate Josh Gibson, he runs the blog "Fly Guys", check it out.

Outside of that he's likely to be found standing around in a feild playing cricket, hunting, having a cheeky beer or sitting around with Chris and Matt reciting obscure South Park references.

Welcome aboard Cam!