Muz Wilson "Unfuzzled"

Very sad news yesterday that Australian tying legend (and legend in general) Muz Wilson has passed on after his battle with cancer. We are extremely privileged to count Muz as one of our friends and co-conspirators of change in this small world of fly fishing and it's best summed up by this piece written by Adam Royter.

"The Last Fly - Yesterday the fly fishing world lost a great. Murray Wilson was a teacher of fly fishing, a professional fly tier and master of his craft. He pushed the boundaries of modern fly tying with techniques and materials that were outside the square. Murray was about the fish first and everything else after that. A man whom behind the vice, had no equal in the modern era. A mate, teacher, life mentor and just a bloody good bloke! I will miss you Wilson. May all your fish be bigger than your last."

Very recently Adam and Kristina Royter sat down with Muz for one last poignant interview titled "Unfuzzled".