Team Tuesday - Jeremy Poulter's Canterbury tips

With both the October and November season openings now past, the Canterbury trout fishing season is well underway! Early season mostly saw stable, if not a bit low flows, and some wind. Over the last month, the wind has dominated a lot of the weather, and the big braided rivers have suffered from snow melt, and then Nor-West rain, which brings them down in a big, dirty mess. Higher flows, and dirty water require heavy flies, and flies that fish can see. If you are a “hare & copper” or “pheasant tail” advocate, why not spice things up and try a Simons Ugly, or a Clayton’s Stonefly, or my personal dirty water favourite the Red Earthworm. Stillwater wise, both the Green and Brown Beetles have been accommodating for some fish caught, mostly lake edges for me personally. Cicadas have also been chirping, but not quite in large numbers yet, although on a hot afternoon, after lunch, I have had some success on the cicada.

Beautiful Canterbury high country brownie charged about 5m to take a Cicada pattern that was slapped down on the surface.