Andrew Harding's - "Neck deep in the Gin Clear"

"Join Jack Kos and myself on a day trip into a remote, lower North Island stream this weekend just gone. Breath-taking surroundings, coupled with a large variety of fish sizes and colouration, the catalyst for some exciting sight fishing, made even better by the streams inhabitants eagerness to feed off the surface… at often close quarters! The 906/4 Radian / #2 Guru combo doing some dry-fly-damage to a heap of Brownies over the weekend. The Bandit Camo WF6 forming the final piece of this back country and lowland weapon. Just so smooth without being brutal. I can drop an #18 dry at distance and yet… still fire a Cicada into a 20 knot Wellies headwind… did I get any on Cicada?... Nope! But they did come and nose them, so any day now it will be game on!"