Team Tuesday - Gareth Jones From Airflo And Friends

Gareth Jones of Airflo has been over in New Zealand showing us the latest and greatest from their fly line range due to drop in a few months. To say it's a gamechanger and will really set Airflo fly lines well ahead of the rest is an understatement, but we can't say anymore for the time being so just watch this space. If you aren't aware, Gareth is without a doubt one of the finest fly fisherman out there so of course he made the most of his trip by ticking a few species off the list along with a couple of classic NZ experiences. Rene and Gareth hopped in the car and headed south where they caught up with a likely crew of Manic Mates along the way, all fisherman of high esteem themselves. Gary Lyttle of Hunting & Fishing Taupo, Mike Davis from Hunting & Fishing Rotorua, Garth Oakden of Tongariro River Rafting and of course no trip to the CNI would be complete without getting your passport stamped by the Major of Turangi himself, Mr Andrew Burden of Sporting Life Outfitters. Oh, and Rene caught a double from Lake O, but whatever. Anyway, here's a bunch of pics that tell the story, enjoy!