Manic Monday - Goodbye Daylight Savings =(

And just like that it's all over. The days are chilly, Game of Thrones is back, firewood is stacked and we're all mentally getting prepared for the short days and long nights to come. For those of us who still love to get out and fish throughout winter there really isn't a huge downside but soon enough we'll all be deaming again of halcyon days riverside, enjoying a dusk fishing session in shorts and a t shirt with a few beers chilling in the river. Until then let's wrap up the first few months of 2019's summers days with a few dreamy images of some of the stuff we've seen on our journeys trying to hook up to a fish or two.

Thanks to Kyle Adams, Kiyoshi Nakagawa, Chris Dore, Jakub Kanok and Craig Rist for the images.