Team Tuesday - Fiordland Outdoors & the A-Team

Not all rivers are created equal, and the Waiau River bordering the Fiordland wilderness is certainly a cut above the rest. Mark and Christine Wallace run Fiordland Outdoors Co, encompassing a water taxi service across lakes Te Anau and Manapouri transporting hikers, hunters and fisherman, a fly fishing guide service to the blue ribbon, wilderness rivers of Fiordland National Park, and also accessing the Waiau River fishing waters by jet boat for drift fishing, fishing from the boat or on numerous island and beaches along it’s 28km length.

Now Fish Jet seemed way cool so we assembled a team comprising of myself, Simon Chu, Rich Hohne (“It’s like Han Solo but not really at all”) of Simms, and his brother Matt and were fortunate enough to hit the river guided by Mark himself. A great day was had with pairs being dropped off to walk-and-wade sexy riffles, islands and uber-productive shelves as well as sneaking up on rising fish in a 6 seater mackcraft casting and watching him eat your cicada at close quarters. This is the ultimate. 5 and 6wt Radians handled the job and some of the heavier tungsten we had to throw early on, though when they hit the top the 904 was just so sweet.

A totally fun day with a top crew, and if you haven’t had Marks streamside BBQ, then you’re missing out buddy!

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