Techy Thursday - Believing the Hype: Simms Bugstopper hoody

Everyone’s got one right? You’re seeing them everywhere. On the river. Out hiking, paddleboarding, worn by shop staff, cycling, around town and at the BBQ. Here’s why...

Solarflex UPF 50+ stretch fabric sun protection and crossover streetwear design makes these a good looking, anytime next to skin layer, or light summertime pullover as the evening cools. They are perfect for those summertime days on the river where you need more than your shirt, but less than a fleece.

Cool, fast wicking and quick drying with COR-3 technology, in the heat of the day simply pull up the articulated hood for additional sun protection, and with anti-odour tech, these are good for days on end on your favourite backcountry campout, and to still rock up to the bar in when you’re out for a post-match debrief.

But here’s the kicker, Simms Bugstopper clothing is impregnated with insect shield technology. Now this won’t stop you from getting bitten - nothing does, but what Bugstopper clothing does is prevent sandflies from congregating on your clothing in masses and the fewer sandflies on you, the less chance of you being bitten. This impregnation is good for the lifetime of your hoody, a long time compared to other insect repelling products which often last but a few washes.

Because of all this, my Bugstopper hoody is a favourite in not just sandfly country, but any day on the river, lake or beach where the bulk and warmth of a fleece layer is not needed nor wanted. It packs down to nothing and so slips right into my sling.

But that’s not all. The Bugstopper range includes pants, gloves, neck gaitors, and sombreros, and the funky Bicomp Mountain Print shirt is also Bugstopper impregnated, so you can cover up entirely to reduce the swarm of those nasty beasts.

So dress smart and fish comfortably, but also carry a great antihistamine tablet for the evening because sandflies are evil bastards.