Team Tuesday - Altitude Fly Fishing

Manic Mate and all-round-good-bugger, John Gummer is a taller than life fly fishing legend. From saltwater fly, to the back country and over to international competition fly fishing, John has just about done it all and has had hundreds of hours of experience on the water resulting in his comprehensive knowledge base of everything fly fishing.

When John is not out on the water honing his own skills, he shifts his focus to his clients as a guide for his own company called Altitude Fly Fishing based in the lower North Island. Fishing opportunities are endless with Altitude Fly fishing and with a large variety of fishable waters on offer from the pristine lakes and backcountry rivers down to the lowland rivers and streams Joh is sure to put you onto more than a few fish with ease. John holds a certificate in fly casting instruction and is one of the hottest casters around who makes the desirable long rat snout loops look easy. You should be a distance caster buddy!

Trust us, you will have an enjoyable fun day out with John and he has so much fly fishing expertise to offer you. But hey, we can’t all get out with a guide all of the time so be sure to check into John’s blog for some free information from the man himself and follow the travels of the big fella.