Tauranga Flats Saltwater Fly Essentials with Captain Lucas Allen of King Tide Salt Fly

Capt. Lucas Allen of King Tide Salt Fly has the Tauranga flats dialled. If you're after ray riding, free swimming or tailing Kingfish on the fly then he's the man who knows how to convert. We managed to distract him for five minutes to get the low down on the gear he runs on the boat with a couple of tips on knots and fly selections to get you up and running and ready to go chase some big greenbacked Kingfish and feisty Kahawai on the Tauranga flats.


Scott Tidal 8 Weight, great for skinny water presentations and mucking around on kahawai. The slower action is also really nice for heavy fast sinking lines

Scott Meridian 9 Weight, the ideal all rounder flats rod. Fast action but won't make your arm fall off after a days casting

Primal Mega 10 Weight, a cannon for big flies, windy days and massive fish


Hatch Finatic Gen II, a classic bomb proof saltwater reel. Easy to service and a uber smooth drag

Waterworks Lamson Cobalt, packed full of features like adjustable drag range, 100% IPX8 sealed drag and an exclusive Micalox finish to protect your investment


Airflo Flatsmaster, while Lucas does use the odd Bonefish floater and intermediate line as well as a Depthfinder shooting head for the deeeeeep stuff, the Airflo Flatsmaster is the year round do-it-all line for the Tauranga flats. The intermediate sink tip gets the fly down into the fishes face when you need it but is also great at chugging a popper