Airflo Ridge Bonefish and Tarpon Lines

Taper, coating and core combine in complete harmony to make this the most exciting bonefish flyline on the market today. It goes without saying that the advantages that Ridge coatings give in this high octane environment, shootability when you need it and a complete lack of tangles, all combine to lower blood pressure and extend your life expectancy by years! An extended rear taper acts as a buffer zone on longer casts, allowing you to aerialise more line without collapse and the Power core allows you to set hooks even at extreme range. It's worth noting that the GT lines (which we run in 12 weight) have a one piece 50lb core, So you'd better make sure you're fishing the right rods and tying the right knots because these lines won't let you down.

Available in line weights 6 - 11, floating and intermediate.