Taupo's Back in Form - Browns on the TT ?

I'd heard all of the good reports about how well the Tongariro and other Taupo tributaries are fishing this year, so headed down to get my first fix for the winter.

As it turned out the Tongariro was blown out for the day, but my guess is from Friday onwards it will be on fire and certainly will be a hot spot for the weekend. So we headed for the Tauranga Taupo (TT) to thrash out the two handers and some big egg sucking leech streamers.

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At this stage in the fight I'd just realised this was the first brown I'd seen in the Tauranga Taupo River.

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Yip, it's a brownie that fell for an egg sucking leech. Who said brown's only like dull patterns? Give them some credit!

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There is no better way to fish these big flies and heavy sink tips than on a 2-handed rod. It's super easy and ultra efficient.