Early Morning Snapper Fest

I managed to get a day our on the water yesterday with the team from NZ Fishing News, in the afternoon we got distracted by a bunch of kingfish which I tell you about another time. But here is a bunch of picks from our early morning snapper fest .... who needs soft baits? These fish were more than happy to take the fly in fact I had a fish on my first cast.

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We used 40+ and depthfinder lines on Scott S4 and S4s 8 and 9 weights.And yes I do know that I have chicken legs.

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Peter Francis from NZ Fishing News showed his skills with the S4 and Hatch combo with one of the better snapper for the morning. Nice t-shirt too.

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Why would you bother with a soft bait set when you can catch as many snapper as you'd like on flies.