Scott Xanthoulakis' Airflo SuperFlo Review

When it comes to trout fishing we often oversee one of the most important pieces of equipment in our set up, and that’s our fly line.

Did I just hear you sigh?

No, seriously, over the past decade fly lines have come a long way and the fly line manufacturer leading the way in new fly line design and tapers is Airflo.

Airflo Fishing have created some exciting new tapers and I’m going to run you through my two favourites from the SuperFlo range of fly lines.


If you’re like me and prefer fishing rather than casting then the SuperFlo Power Taper is for you. Featuring a short aggressive head at 37ft feet long, it’s two false casts and straight out to 60ft with very little effort. The 12ft haul zone allows you to juice up a longer cast if needed, then you hit the ultra thin running line enabling you to send the line to incredible distances.

So if you’re after a line for your fast action rod and want to punch into a 20 knot wind on the lakes, or throw two double tungsten flies at distance in the river, this is the line for you.

Wilderness Fly Fishing Australia


Now let’s talk small streams and twig waters. If you know me, you will know that these are my favourite waters to fish. Technical waters that require a high skill set and a stealthy approach means the SuperFlo Tactical Taper is your best tool when fishing this water.

The less aggressive taper means that when presenting that size 16 parachute dry fly to a sighted fish the line won’t slap down hard and spook the fish. This fly line works perfectly for tight roll casts and bow and arrow casts to fish hanging under cover.

Small Stream Fly Fishing In Australia


Some other exciting new features which I love are how well the new lines float! There is nothing worse than dry fly fishing on your favourite stream or lake and the tip of your fly line starts sink.

Airflo have created super buoyant fly lines by adding small air filled glass like balls in to the fly line(too much science for me to elaborate further!) and another excellent feature of the new lines is the line I.D located close to the loop which makes identifying your lines easy.

The final feature of all Airflo fly lines is that they are PVC free. As we all try to move to a plastic free world we should consider stepping away from plastic fly lines and Airflo fly lines are made from recyclable polyurethane which is also far more durable than traditional PVC fly lines.

So if you’re after a kick ass new fly line this season then it’s time to step it up with the new Airflo SuperFlo tapers which are available at your local fly shop now.


Scott founded Wilderness Fly fishing in 2016 because of his passion for fishing wild places. Learning to cast a fly at the age of twelve, Scott learned his craft from some of Australia’s finest fly fishers, fly tiers, guides and writers. The rivers and streams of North-East Victoria and the Snowy Mountains, as well as the lakes of Victoria’s Goldfield regions played backdrop to what many called a “misspent youth”.