Mike Kirkpatrick Reviews The Airflo Universal Fly Line

Airflo fly lines have upped their game in my opinion over the last few years with the new SuperFlo range of fly lines. They are very slick, high floating and in a range of useful tapers.

The SuperFlo Power Taper is the big bad dude at the head of the pack with a bulky front taper for the heavy lifting work. The other end of scale is the SuperFlo Tactical, for your delicate work on smaller rivers where presentation is key.

What I will focus on here is the SuperFlo Universal Taper, which as its name suggests, is Airflo’s all-round taper more for general use.

The Airflo SuperFlo Universal Fly Line Review By Mike Kirkpatrick


A total head length of 39ft gives amazing stability for any length of cast, which provides great accuracy. It loads well in close and has the power needed right to the backing. A front taper of 8ft compliments well a 15ft belly which drops nicely back to the end of the rear taper.

Airflo SuperFlo Universal Taper Diagram

What I like most are the easy pickups and shoots at all practical distances. What I mean by this is some tapers excel at short distance and some when hitting the ‘back paddock’ but this line design does it all with relative ease.

Mike Kirkpatrick Latitude Guiding

The Airflo Universal is my go-to line for 90% of situations I might have in front of me, be it a strong head wind on a larger river or a spring creek where I might have to cast anything from a tiny dry to tandem weighted flies.


Mike Kirkpatrick is a fishing guide in the South Island

Here's where you can buy the SuperFlo Taper in New Zealand & Australia.