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Subject: Christmas Island Nov.2013

Hi Rene,

Thought you might like this pic of Darren Lewer with a GT estimated at 35lb caught on a 10wt Airflo Saltwater Rod and Lamson Konic reel.

Took just over half an hour to land.

Darren later repeated the feat with a 80-90lb GT with the same gear and landed it after an hour and a 3km chase on the skiff.Will get a photo of this fish to you from Darren as I wasn't there at the time. Great effort and the gear held up.Can't believe the rod survived!

Way too light for these fish.Need a 13wt at least and double handed. We had a great trip and lots of bones caught. Interesting that the average size was better than our other trips.Peter Church got two big ones between 8 and 9 lbs. but we saw many that were well over 10lb but couln't get any to take a fly. The Radian is a fantastic rod to use and my other favourite the XXXXX (wouldn't be fair on the competitors to say) now relegated to number two.