Friday Fly Day - How would you like your eggs?

Gone are the days of just chucking on an orange sz12 yarn glo bug egg pattern and leaving it at that for winter run trout.

Being fly fishers it's only natural we go and complicate one of the most unnatural "flies" and introduce all sorts of materials and colours, so much so you really need to have a dedicated fly box purely to accomodate egg patterns. That's if you're dedicated...

And so we present, every single egg pattern under the (Manic Tackle Project) sun, available at your local fly shop.

Heave & Leave Champange

Heave & Leave Orange

Unreal Egg Peachy King

Unreal Egg Brite Orange

Roe Champange

Roe Peach

Roe Orange

Roe Red

Soft Cluster Tangerine

Soft Milking Egg Tangerine

Soft Milking Egg Tango

Soft Milking Egg Tango

Brewers Wiggle Egg

Brewers Tungsten Expoxy Egg Pink

Brewers Tungsten Epoxy Egg Orange

Flashtail Glo Bug Champange

Flashtail Glo Bug Orange