Salty Saturday - Travel Luggage

There are a few lucky people out there who live surrounded by endless flats, teeming with an abundance of willing saltwater species. For them, a quick look out the window will determine whether it’s on or whether it’s back to the tying bench.

For the rest of us, travel is something that goes hand in hand with a saltwater flats trip. Some love it, some hate it, but one thing is for sure, Simms have you covered to get all your prized possessions from point A, to point awesome.


Let’s be honest, no one wants to share a room with two large hard suitcases, especially if the room is as large as your closet back home. Time for a bit of forward thinking.

The Simms Dry Creek Duffel is a great option for those getting away either by car or plane. With three size options Small, Medium and Large, you will be covered for most of your trips.

Fully waterproof, easy to carry and bright as anything, you certainly won’t be losing this in the airport any time soon. Once you arrive at your destination, unpack and slide it away out of sight.

The large is my favourite size here as it is long enough to carry my rods. This makes packing and traveling super easy, only needing one main bag for the entire trip.


Now if you’re like me and want to take a backup rod, and a backup for that backup rod and…… you get the drift, then the Bounty Hunter Rod Vault is a sweet bit of kit.

This thing is a gear machine, with the capacity to hold 8 4-piece 10ft rods and 8-10 reels. If you’re taking more than that I don’t want to share a room with you, sorry.

A really great option for those travelling with mates and want to consolidate on some luggage.


Breaking it down a little bit we have the Bounty Hunter Rod Cannons. These are a terrific option for those who like to travel a little lighter (if taking 6 rods is considered light).

Two options here, a 3-rod cannon and a 6-rod cannon. Depending how long and how far you’re traveling, these cannons are a great way to keep your rods safe, while saving you weight and space in your luggage.

A little insider tip, the 6-rod cannon has capacity for a reel too so essentially, it’s like a mini rod vault.

3 Rod Cannon

6 Rod Cannon


Now we’re getting into the super conservative, minimalist who still wants the gear protection. The Bounty Hunter Rod/Reel Cases come as a single or double.

These cases are for your consolidated traveller or day tripper, who doesn’t like the sound of gear rolling around in the back of the car.

Capacity for one rod and one size 12 reel (single) or two rods and two size 12 reels (double) these are really handy at keeping your important fishing gear, separated from everything else.

The lightweight and space conscious design means you’ll have enough room for those 12 bottles of scotch you’re bring back from wherever.




Moving on, we have the Bounty Hunter Reel Cases. These little beauties come in small, medium and large sizes with the capacity for 2, 4-6 and 8-10 reels respectively.

These are padded and protect your precious reels incredibly well. Not only this, but they have secret hidden pockets internally for your hand tied leaders and an array of fly lines.





This bag is just brilliant. I recently used a medium Dry Creek Boat Bag up at Hinchenbrook, and it easily fit in the ridiculous amount of gear I took out each day. This included my DSLR, and it was great to know that my stuff would stay dry in any conditions, particularly the expensive camera gear.


Because beer and cameras are a must. In that order

There you have it folks, my two cents on how to streamline your travel and get the most out of those once in a lifetime trips!