Friday Fly Day - Bling on Winter

Bling flies.

Oh yes... if trout aren’t seeing them, they need to see them, and therein lies the key to successful winter fishing. That’s pretty basic. What isn’t basic is the thought and experimentation which have gone into our Manic Fly Collection, and in particular, our ‘bling’ flies. How flashy is too flashy you ask? Whatever catches the trout’s eye. There are many levels to bling, from a simple gold bead (O.G. Bling) to flashy tails and legs, hotspots, brightly coloured materials and those that can do more damage to your eyes than staring directly at the sun...

They may be fished dead drift, jigged or stripped across the current. Choose a fly and technique according to the task at hand. Need a few suggestions? Check these out.

Nosebleeds: Super buggy CDC collar brings this range to life and a combination of hot butt and collar wraps provides just enough bling to catch the eye. Available in Gold, Pink and Black tungsten beads, these are a go to on any clear winters day.

The Nosebleed Crew. GTB, Pink and BTB

Kyles BH CN Superflash PT: When you want to stand out in the crowd, this low light favourite sports the silhouette trout look for with all the right features to be seen.

Superflash much?

Fresh Prince: I like Prince Nymphs. You like Prince Nymphs. Trout like Prince Nymphs... so we added an eye catching hot orange collar. Enough said.

Straight from LA into your fly box

Simons Uglies: From the King of Bling, Mr Chu comes a fly which covers most bases. Standout colourways, dual coloured tungsten to get down into the zone, and fine rubber legs, antennae and tails to really kick in some spark. Fished in tandem, alone, dead drifted or swung, these are bombs that catch fish.

Find a buggier, flashier fly. Go on we dare you

Kellers Peach Fuzz: Oversized tungsten on tough jig head hooks ensure these flies get down where needed and assist short line tactics. Coloured tungsten, CDC hackle and just enough bling will make these a fast water standby in your box this winter.

Jigs trout won't refuse

Tungsten RL Micro Bobs: Three colours, Tiger, Chartreuse and Red offer a nifty wee package fished as a dropper or on point. Often size is the key, so I’ve always got a selection of Micro Bobs in size 16 at hand when chasing winter fish in skinnier braids.

Meet Bob, Bob and Bob

Next week, winter streamers!