Salty Saturday - Sun Protection Accessories

Skin Cancer, no one wants it. This is where the Simms Sun Protection range really is your best friend.

Simms make such a large range of UPF 50 accessories, you are absolutely spoilt for choice. Let me give you a run down on some of their essential items to shelter your precious skin from sun’s evil effects.

Simms Solarflex Sun Gloves

These gloves are super light, and their breathable stretch fabric has extended cuffs to meet your shirt sleeves for full sun coverage. They also have open palms for those who like to feel the cork grip in their hands. These are great freshwater gloves, and are also ideal for saltwater anglers who only want minimal protection from line burn etc.

Simms Solarflex Guide Gloves

These have the same lightweight fabric and coverage as the regular Solarflex Sun Gloves, but are the beefed up version with soft goat leather palms, and more finger protection. If you’ve ever had line burn, you know you want to avoid it the best you can, and these gloves really help. These are my choice as the perfect saltwater flats gloves, and are still super comfortable.

Simms Sun Gaiter

The Simms Sun Gaiter is a crucial piece of kit in the tropics. Its UPF50 Solarflex stretch fabric has a long cape to enhance neckline coverage, and has been tailored to fit over your ears and the back of your fishing cap. It is lightweight, quick drying and breathable. The laser-cut breathing holes really do a great job of increasing airflow (so you don’t feel like you are being water boarded when you wear it), and it also reduces the amount of fogging up of your Polaroids from your exhaled breath.

The Simms Sun Gaiter colour range is massive, so it is easy to look the part, no mater what your style.

Simms Caps

Simms have a MASSIVE range of caps, everything from their standard Single Haul Caps that we all know and love, to Flats Caps, Sunshield Caps, Baseball Caps, Solar Sombrero’s, and even specialist Gore-Tex headwear like the G4 Caps. They have heaps more as well, but I’m going to give my favourite cap the big thumbs up here – the Ripstop Cap.

The Ripstop Cap is just so bloody comfortable! When I’m stupid hot and standing in the tropical sun all day, I want a cap that fits superbly, is super lightweight and is also breathable. It also has a dark underside of its brim to cut down the glare, so it really ticks all the boxes.