Friday Fly Day - Quentin Donnelly's top three Manic flies for Autumn

If you don’t know Quentin Donnelly then you’re likely to have a tidy, fully stocked fly box and no one to blame for returning home late from trips with your whisky swagger on. If you do know the man, you’ll know that he knows his stuff, his rivers and their trout, so we asked Q for a quick rundown of his three favourite April flies from the Manic Fly Collection.

Quentin Donnelly

Quentin says:

"They all taste the same to me. However there are a few flavours I find stick ‘em a little better when the temperatures drop and the trout start to rise.

CDC Thorax Dun Dark

CDC Thorax Dun Dark

Manic CDC Floating Nymph

CDC Floating Nymph

Paracute Dad's Favourite Manic Fly Collection

Parachute Dads Favourite

They’re all pretty common patterns but tied sparse, sit low in the film and represent pretty much what my local, and most South Island trout want in Autumn. Fish them well, with confidence and they’ll become your favourites too."