Salty Saturday - Origins

The expansive sand flats and winding mangrove swamps of Hinchinbrook Island have been synonymous with Australian saltwater flyfishing for over 25 years. Rising to over 3,500 feet, the island is a paradise teeming with with wildlife above and below the water line. A modern day Jurassic Park immediately springs to mind as you begin to weave your way across the channel and closer to the island itself. With a huge array of target species the possibilites are relatively endless.

We were lucky enough to visit the area in North Queensland last Novemeber and with the tireless help of Michael Hurren, have managed to put together a short film, showcasing all that Hinchinbrook and the Australian Flyfishing Outfitters crew has to offer.

Join us Monday 9am over on our Facebook page as we dive into the origins of Australian Flyfishing Outfitters and how they have progressed to become a powerhouse in saltwater guided adventures.