Origins | A Hinchenbrook Fly Fishing Film

The expansive sand flats and winding mangrove swamps of Hinchinbrook Island have been synonymous with Australian saltwater fly fishing for over 25 years. Rising to over 3,500 feet, the island is a paradise teeming with with wildlife above and below the water line.

A modern day Jurassic Park immediately springs to mind as you begin to weave your way across the channel and closer to the island itself. With a huge array of target species the possibilities are relatively endless.


We were lucky enough to visit the area in North Queensland last November and with the tireless help of Michael Hurren, have managed to put together a short film, showcasing all that Hinchinbrook and the Australian Flyfishing Outfitters crew has to offer.

This stunning, short film follows a group of fly anglers as they spend four days chasing an array of species, learning about the ups and downs of permit fishing and experiencing one of Australia’s most unique and beautiful locations.


Gus Lapin is that guy that can do anything, and do it better than you even though you've been at it way longer. You name it, cricket, photography, art, skiing...he's across it all. He's also completely and utterly obsessed with fly fishing and has applied himself across pretty much every single aspect of that too. Fly tying? Tick. Saltwater? Tick? Cod, carp and other Aussie oddities? Tick, tick, tick. Throw in everything NZ trout related and you've got yourself possibly one of the most well rounded anglers out there right now.

Oh, did we mention he's also a certified casting instructor? Well of course he is. Legend.