Salty Saturday - Chico Fernandez, IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame

Here's an interesting, albeit slightly dry, clip about Chico Fernandez who you could very easily call a pioneer in the world of saltwater fly fishing.

"Chico Fernandez was born in Havana, Cuba in 1939 to a family of fishermen. He had been fishing since he was six, but Chico’s angling interests took a turn during his teens when his father purchased a large boat. Unable to find a captain in Cuba who suited his interests, the senior Fernandez brought over Capt. Don Roban from the United States. It was this man who introduced Chico to the art of fly fishing- and he has been hooked ever since.
Fernandez left Cuba for South Florida in 1959. He brought over his racing Mercedes 190 two-seater and sold it to finance his education at the University of Miami. He joined the Miami Rod & Reel Club and made fast friends with fellow young fly anglers Norman Duncan, John Emery and Flip Pallot. Fly fishing had not yet become popular in the area, so the three friends had endless waters to explore and could often be found stalking fish along the Tamiami Trail. While fishing with his buddies, Chico experimented with flies, lines, rods and reels, and helped develop many of the saltwater fly fishing techniques we use today.
Chico soon began his career as an Accountant and Budget Director for Burger King, but after a short time he left the corporate world in 1973 to become involved in the outdoors and fishing field full time. The move was a good one, as Fernandez has carved out a life that revolves around his passion for saltwater fly fishing. He has written hundreds of fishing articles and books, including Fly-fishing for Bonefish and Fly-fishing for Redfish. He developed the Seaducer, Bend-Back, Bonefish Special, and Snapping Shrimp flies that are enormously popular with anglers today. He loves to teach and can be found instructing other anglers in the art of fly-fishing the world over. He has made a major impact on the industry by consulting with industry leaders such as Hell’s Bay Boatworks, Costa sunglasses and a multitude of fly fishing tackle companies.
An IGFA Representative, Fernandez is no stranger to World Records. In 1981, he caught a 42 lb 5 oz redfish on 12 lb tippet while fishing out of Oregon Inlet, North Carolina. His record still stands today and, at the time, was the largest redfish ever taken on a fly rod. Chico was also one of the first anglers to land a white marlin on the fly. A true steward of conservation, Fernandez was a Founding Member of the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust and a charter member of the Federation of Fly Fishers Board of Governors. For creating an indelible impact on the world of saltwater fly fishing, the IGFA celebrates Chico Fernandez."