Salty Saturday - Airflo Chard's Tropical Punch Line

The Airflo Chard's Tropical Punch is a line with a purpose – a 40 foot head but an aggressive front taper – a line with punch! If you need to throw big flies short and quickly, this line will suit. I used this line fishing the Biloxi Marsh some years ago, and it really suited the short flip casts you need to make to tailing Redfish and Black Drum.

The line is very bright so the guide can see it well and this has real benefits in some scenarios. The guide may even watch the tip for that subtle bite. Other anglers have told me they love this line for windy conditions and heavy flies. This line will also help load fast action fly rods well and does fit into a genre of lines that have developed over the last decade as fly rod actions became faster and faster.

Photo: Bill Mitchell