Friday Fly Day - Chris Reygaert's Fiordland Favourites

While Fiordland was getting smashed about the last few days the ever optimistic Chris Reygaert was catching up on the golf and still thinking about which flies to use when the weather settles down. With a bunch of new patterns from the Manic Fly Collection already in his box he gives us his two cents on what to roll with when the rivers finally recede.

"What a bizarre season we are having here in the south of New Zealand. Very high flows have continued well into the premier part of the season. Rivers in the Fiordland region have been literally smashed to pieces in the last few days and aquatic life has had to hang in. With an onset of fine weather (hopefully) I would be sinking your flies deep as many fish are yet to freely feed up high. Classic nymphs like Death Metal Hares Ear size 14, or Pheasant Tail size 16 trailed behind a bomb should give you some hope, and present an inconspicuous food item to wary trout. Maybe try some of the new patterns from the Manic Fly Collection such as the Tungsten Stealth CDC PT, the curved hook and life-giving cdc hackle adding a little extra incentive for wary, summertime fish. Or the Two Bit Hooker for subtlety down deep. And of course when they look up the Foam Manuka Beetle or the new Flat Back Cicada are hard to beat. Good luck out there!”

Tungsten Stealth CDC PT

Two Bit Hooker Brown

Flat Back Cicada

Foam Manuka Beetle