Rodney Reviews: Abel Rove 9\11 Black with Larko Permit

I must admit the first thing I was looking for when I opened the box was the artwork. I ordered this Abel Rove 9/11 with the Andrea Larko Permit artwork and I’m so glad I did. It’s just cool to have stylish gear and Abel are world famous for this. There is also a collection of flies etched on the inner drag plate that rotate around when winding, this looks very cool also.

The next thing that grabbed my attention was the ported spool and framework, stylish but tough and then how light it was, under 300grams. The reel is lightweight yet feels solid and strong in construction, not surprising as this is what I would expect from the Abel engineers.

Abel Rove

Remembering the Rove is replacing the Super Series of Abel reels that have been forefront of the fly reel market for over 20 years, so it certainly has some great saltwater bloodlines. It holds 300yards of 30lb backing and a large fly line. I’m currently running mine on my Scott Sector #10 and have it loaded with a #10 Airflo Flatsmaster, F/I, but recently had an #10 Airflo Tropical Clear Tip full floating line loaded on the reel and there was no problem for room with either of those large fly lines.

The large timber handle doesn’t have me fumbling around when I need to get a hold of it and crank down and get some line back on the spool and the drag knob is easy to grip and adjust with minor movement. The reel also features a caged frame that stops the line slipping through and getting caught the side of the spool and frame. I see a lot of reels come through my boat and this issue is more common than you would think.

If you’re a left-hand winder, a couple of screws will see you switched over from Right wind to Left, super easy to do at home. I really like how easy it is to get the spool off simply by loosening the drag knob all the way, this makes clean up at the end of the trip very easy. The classic double pawl and sweet drag ratchet finish this reel of for me. I’ve just ordered another Abel Rove, a 7/9 to add to the quiver and I can’t wait to get it on my Scott #8 Meridian.



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