Manic Fly Collection Catalogue

Fish get bored, try something new. The 2023 Manic Fly Collection has taken fishing fly design and ranging to another level combining a mix of tried and true fly patterns and some slightly more envelope-pushing creations that look amazing, and fish even better.

Browse the catalogue and maybe make plans to get yourself a new fly box, you're going to want a few of these.

You can view the full catalogue by clicking the image below:

 Manic Fly Collection

The Manic Fly Collection contains a huge range of freshwater and saltwater flies. Each fishing fly that makes the cut is the direct result of a huge amount of time both at the vise and on the water. Sure, there's never a shortage of Manic Team wanting to put their hands up for trialing on the water, and for that we are forever grateful.

The Manic Fly Collection contains all the classic fishing flies, a huge range of Pheasant Tails, egg patterns galore, woolly buggers, weird stuff like Galloups Mini Dungeon, but there's also a new fishing flies like Dore's Depth Control, the Davis Stonefly, the Mirco Zonker plus loads more. 

These are flies created for Australian and New Zealand conditions. Rivers, estuaries, lakes, streams and the big blue ocean too.

Remember, fish get bored, so try something new.