Quick Stillwater Tip from Chris

Suspended Soft Egg

A very effective winter stillwater technique on those calmer days where fish are less likely to take a retrieved fly. Simply judge the depth of the water, and whether fish are cruising the flats or hanging about the drop off and target accordingly. Set your yarn indicator with an Embryo soft egg pattern on a short trace 1m above a tungsten egg or similar. I find that due to the often distant setting between the indicator and fly due to deeper waters your fly could be in the fish's mouth for some time before anything registers through the indicator. This is where a realistic soft egg pattern will come into its own over traditional yarn glo bug ties: the soft silicone will feel more natural and be less likely to be rejected before the Indi moves. The heavy fly on point is to keep the system tight to aid in strike detection. Be quick on the strike: you won’t often have too much time to react.