Mike Kirkpatrick's Video Review Of The Scott Centric

2020 will forever be known for plenty of negative things, events, and just most stuff in general. One shining light to come out of the year was the release of the Scott Centric fly rod. While that might sound like it's not so much of a big deal comparatively, in fly fishing terms it's huge news. The Scott Radian has held court as the best freshwater fly rod the industry has seen for the last eight or so years, so the Centric, and by proxy, Jim Bartschi, had a massive challenge on their hands to bring something new and tangibly better to the table.

So where did they end up? We've had Mike and Tom Hodge out in the field digging up some answers for you. I mean, we know the Scott Centric has nailed the brief and is far and away the best freshwater rod release of 2020, 2019, 2018...(just save some time and go all the way back to the Radian), but we also needed to put in the hands of day to day fly fishing professionals who were putting gear to the test in all situations. And these are those guys.

This isn't your average boring fly rod video review, there's plenty of epic fishing footage along the way and you'll really get to see the Centric five weight and six weight rods being put through their paces.